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COVID-19 Residency Opportunity

Every day we hear about another craft market, art fair, and exhibition opening being cancelled and it’s going to be a while until normal activities resume. It’s time to stay at home and in the studio. To hunker down, stay safe.

This enforced ‘residency’ provides us with some opportunities to focus on our practice, we can literally practice more, hone our skills, explore new designs and techniques, do many of the things we never seem to have the time to do.

As some say, embrace isolation – ‘it’s what we’ve been training for’.

Here are just a few ideas, please add more in the comments below,

  • Be resourceful with materials, reuse, recycle, try something you haven’t dared to before
  • Try a new technique, experiment, learn something new
  • Prepare work for exhibitions, fairs and events; be ready when things start to boom again – which they will, when folks are eager to get out and engage again
  • Spend time zooshing up your online presence, write your bio, tell us about your work
  • Engage online with other makers, get in touch, converse on VOIP, explore collaborations and opportunities
  • Tidy your studio
  • Get your admin in order, do your dreaded tax return
  • Stop. Think. Read. Research. Play.
  • … and above all be thoughtful, be kind to others and those who are worse off than you. Share.

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