Q&A – maker of the week: Alister Yiap

Meet Alister Yiap, designer, artist and maker.

He’s always busy; working on the minuscule and the magnificent, and activating the design and maker communities. Meet Alister Yiap – a versatile 3D designer and metalsmith with multiple competencies.

What is your craft? How do you like to describe yourself?

My starting point was Jewellery, but I have since expanded my practice to include all forms of design. So I like to call myself a Design Artist!

Your studio – where and what is your studio/workspace like?

I work from home most the time, my carport has magically been transformed into a workshop.

Which of your tools do you love the most and why?

I recently got some new tools, a laser cutter and a resin 3D printer, but a classic favourite is a Barrette file.

Your inspiration – what really pumps your creative heart?

I love learning about new processes and materials, I’m constantly learning. I like to see what certain materials can do or how you can tackle using something differently to see what the outcome can be.

What was the spark that made you choose this particular medium?

I love making with my hands and doing things, so learning new skills helps me master a new medium.

Alister Yiap is a Design Artist based in Perth, who works across different disciplines of design, ranging from jewellery to sculpture.

Alister Yiap is a Design Artist based in Perth, who works across different disciplines of design, ranging from jewellery to sculpture. Alister has won various awards including Western Australian Young Achievers Award for the Arts and Fashion category in 2017 and Fine Details award at the WA Fashion Awards in 2010 and 2013.

Your working style – how do you like to start on a project and then progress it? Do you stick to a working schedule 9-5 or flex around a bit? Do you play loud music? Are your pets welcome in your space?

I’m always on the go, so there isn’t a working style, if anything its always 5 different things on the go. I tend to prioritise things for when they are required. So I guess I’m good to work towards deadlines

What are you working towards right now?

I am making work for Counterpoint, an exhibition WA jewellers and metalsmiths for IOTA21: Indian Ocean Craft Triennial. There are also a few competitions and award exhibitions which I’m planning on entering, if time permits, but otherwise I’ve been playing around with resins of late and moulding; I’d like to come up with some work around this medium in the near future.

If you could land the dream commission/exhibition/project, what would it be?

I’ve always wanted to do a solo show one of these days, but it’s just so much work to arrange, and I don’t always have a large body of work to show. I can keep dreaming though.

[Collected March 2019; updated 2021. This is a standard set of questions that we ask of all our guest presenters and ‘makers of the week’. They are deliberately low-key.]

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